Teacher/Parent Consultation

Teacher working with child one-on-oneWith parent permission, Teacher/Parent Consultants (TPCs) address classroom difficulties that children may experience with behavior, social development, and learning.

  • TPCs, teachers, and parents work as partners to promote school success for each child.
  • Services are available to all childcare centers, preschools and kindergartens in Wake County - call 919-856-7774.


How do we access consultation? 
A teacher can call Project Enlightenment and ask for a referral form.  Both the parent and teacher sign and complete the form and return it to Project Enlightenment.  A consultant will contact the school to plan an observation.
What does an observation look like? 
A consultant will contact the child’s teacher and schedule a day and time to observe in the classroom.  Following the observation, the consultant will meet with the child’s teacher and parent(s) to develop strategies that will best support the child in the classroom so that she or he experiences success.
How do I make a referral? 
Referrals are initiated by teachers and caregivers of preschools, childcare centers and kindergarten children in Wake County with parents written consent.